Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sir Pa San San Ka?

i had a whole day sleep kanina, and i was really feeling so tired because i still have hangover last night me and my friend was in cassanova in mango av. there i got 3 rounds of beer and got home about 3 a.m, the usual thing i have when i had misunderstanding with my bf..... but now his my x,
for 2 years and 3 months maybe i come to the point of making a good decision.. i recall the night we argue on one text message i received from a txtmate from manila. jude is his name,

well he then called hes lover with a loudspeaker he then talk about they're love story its painful the least thing he could do is make me jealous but thats the fricki'n thing i could have imagined. i decided it stop now, he texts when his alone but i know its over...........

because of a tiring day for me i drop by at avairy my fave spa in cebu i was being handled by a guy name _______, hes quite goodlooking but he seems nice, the thing i really love when having a massage is when the massuer is the one who take off my undies.... thats pretty cool for me, we talk about little things about his job i ask one question on how do they let they're parents and friends about theyre kind of work? he then answer with a resounding sir? nasa mga tao napo kung panu nla kmi e judge.... that was really pretty cool he said he was separated and he got a 2 years old baby with him.... his wife cant accept the work he had eventhough they meet before in a spa his workin.

the nicest experienced with him is that when he offerd extra service? you know what line he was using? he sais? sir? magpa san san ka? hahahahah! i cant help but laugh at him i then let him repeat what he just said and then he said sir? magpa san san bka? sal sal was the term for jakstones but he used sansan. wow! but we hadn't have a chance to do what he want maybe next time i really enjoyed the short conversation with him.

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