Thursday, July 17, 2008

what fool am I?

its a busy day for me, i was making proposals for my upcoming event this sept.20, after office hours i drop by at netx.... open my fs account and about 3 hrs. i went home. Im feel really uneasy coz jc never txts me so i called his celfone. its about 1 a minute before he answerd it...... i ask where are you? he sounds a bit worried and with soft voice i heard people chattering at his background and he said he was eating. then i drop the phone. i know where he was.... hes in ultra its a cinema for bi's here in cebu you see gays fucking blowing the same rod. its really make me mad. After the 3 weeks break-up we decided to start it again but this is what ive got?

i was feeling stupid, i take a bath quickly and after changing clothes i called a taxicab i arrived 30 minutes before closing time of that movie house. It was raining and i was like a little chick... fuck! i got across the place coz im not sure where he was but i guess is in ultra but the next cinema shows gayfilm also starring coco martin. i stayed there for 1 and half hour but never saw his shadow of being faggot.

i decided to take a walk coz his bhouse is just few walks away, maybe he choose to live in that rotten place because theres a lot of guys roaming around looking for sex. I was really feel unusual its only my second time in that place i was aware of holdupers and gang members in that area but i was roaming like a security guard looking at his boarding house as if he got someone in there... huh. its really unfair for coz i admit it i sometimes went to movie house but the thing i got frickin out is receiving his texts messages saying i love you beh.... but his in that place sucking dicks? ohhhh... fuck.

sorry but i want this out i have a lot of productive things to do rather than thinking of my stupid faggot boyfriend.

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