Friday, May 30, 2008

it turn into waste...

hi guys, im really sad now, ive come to realise that my 2 years of loving a simply guy turns into waste. This is what i got because of being adventourous, this blog is very important to me why? because of this blog i made him decide what is the right thing to do... jessie texts me 2 days ago, its about 2 a.m and i couldnt sleep because of i always think of him. a familiar cellphone number appears in my inbox and with an empty message, i replied who is this? he then texts the guy who is bleeding now; i was thinking it was him and i replied why you let me go? he said the pain is still there and he couldnt deny the fact that i still owns hes heart and life.
loving i guess is sometimes confusing... now, its been a week from our formal break-up. i am so empty, i always cries when im alone. i have many events to attend but my mind is on him. i guess its nothing different from my x. henry. just give yourself 2 months to let go of the pain and hopefully id be better soon. Im trying be cool, to be honest, but i guess theres some incidents in your life that you just leave it in your thoughts so that you could not hurt someones feelings. to jessie, im so sorry part of being me is being straightforward.... its all my fault, i know God give me reasons why i have to do this. I love you but its over.... sorry to delete all your files, and things that reminds me of you.... for me to move on easily. bye.

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