Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My first experience happened a year and a half ago. I just came back from a business meeting abroad. And right from the airport I just had to drop off some "pasalubongs" to the office before heading home, since half of my bag's contents were all that. I was waiting for a taxi along San miguel Ave near Shaw Blvd, when I suddenly noticed this cute guy driving an SUV. Little did I know, he was actually looking at me too. He stopped a few meters away from me. Instinct told me that I was the reason for his sudden stop. With much hesitation, I slowly opened the door, half expecting him to yell, "who are you! Get lost or I'll call the cops!", only to be greeted with the cutest smile I've ever seen.
He looked Chinese, with those cute eyes and that new hair style that looks weird on me, but was completely gorgeous on him. He said" Are you goin in or not... cause we're practically on a highway, and I feel like I'm doing something illegal". Panic took over me, and with my almost 5 kilo bag, I jumped in his car.
He drove straight from Shaw towards Mandaluyong area. While driving, he kept looking at me as if I were someone special. What I felt was a mixture of fear (what if he's a serial killer), lust (cause he was really cute), and lots of unkown anticipation. WHen not on the gear, his hand would slowly stroke my legs, one time landing on my crotch area. He said, "hmmm, are you getting a hard on? Is this your dick?". I was getting turned on, yes, but my palpitating heart was keeping me from getting afull hard on. Embarassed, I moved his hand away and instead held on to it as if we were a couple. His smile confirmed that he approved of the gesture, and I was extremely relived.
When we reached a darker part of the road, with less traffic, he suddenly guided my hand to his already hard dick. I was surprised that it was already exposed. He asked me if I could suck it, and I obliged. He was murmuring, "Sarap pare." Well, I only did what I thought I liked being done to me by my gf. (yes I had a gf, still do). Surprisingly, I didn't feel grossed out with his cock. It was clean, and I liked the smell. It was large, and he kept pushing my head to swallow the whole thing. I was gagging for some time till I got used to it. I was sucking him, licking his light skinned dick like there was no tomorrow, stopping only if another car would come close to us.
When we reached his place, I was already having some real doubts. I was thinking, "what if I run?" Only to realise that I would look extremely stupid doing that. Imagine me with my trolley bag running like hell, shouting "taxi! taxi!"
When I entered his apartment, I had this urge to take a bath first. I mean I just came from the airport. I wasn't exactly "baby freshy". So after asking his permission, I went to the bath room, stripped off my clothes and started. I was hearing him near, so sudenly I invited him in. He wasn't buffed or anything, but somehow I really liked his body. I was soaping him and vice versa. We kissed passionately under the shower. When we couldn't hold it any longer, he told me to finish up and go upstairs.
I coudn't remember if I came up with a towel or not. The next thing I remembered was me sucking his nipples (that's the only thing I know aside from sucking dicks). Personnaly, I don't get aroused when someone licks my nips, just don't have the sensation. But since I was inexperienced, I just found myself licking his nips, then his whole body till I reach his big throbbing dick. His skin was so light and smelled of abercrombie. It was addictive. I licked his dick from base to shaft to tip, when suddenly he pulled me lower with my tongue lightly touching every inch of him, when suddenly it reached his ass. I was shocked and shouted "That's your ass!" to which he smiled and replied "Yes, I know, so just lick it. and put your tongue in it". I was shouting "Yuckkkk!" in my mind but still did what I was told. The look tha tI got on his face was enough for me to actually contunue licking his ass, good thing he's such a neat freak, even his ass smelled good.
All of a sudden, he stood up, asked me to lie down, which I did obidiently. I liked being dominated and bieng told what to do, it just turned me on. (But I was still a bit nervous so I was still having a hard time getting a hard on). He took a big bottle of lotion, lifeted my legs and applied a generous amount to my ass. I panicked" Hey, what are you doing?". "Don't worry, I'll take care of you," he said. Sternly, I informed him "Put some condoms first". He looked a bit frustrated, but still, he got a condom from wherever (boyscout ata ito) and placed in on his dick. He suddenly poked my ass, to which I felt the most excrutiating pain ever imagined. "Stop!" I shouted. "Sorry, I'll slow down" he promised. It took almost 5 minutes before he could get his dick inside. As I was still hurting, I asked if he could just maintain the position for a while. After about another 5 minutes, he started to move in and out of me. I guess to appease my tension, he kept saying "Ang gwapo mo pare, shit ang cute mo talaga pare". I'm not sure if I enjoyed the feeling, but I knew I liked the way he looked, as if so satisfied fucking me, with that I too was satisfied (I'm such a people pleaser). One time he lifted me up, and with him standing, he again fucked me, realising that he already took off his condom, I once again panicked, but since I warmed already to him, I just let him do whatever he wanted. Short after, he got tired and lied down and asked me to do the work while sitting on his dick. My ass was still a bit painful but still I tried. I wasily got tired as I didn't know the right position to do it. On my semi suppine position, with his dick still inside me, I lied on his chest. I loved the feeling. As if I'm so protected. I kept sniffing his scent, and instantly I was an addict.
When he took off his dick I exclaimed "Let's wash first you might have some of my shit on that" to which he replied, "nope its quite clean", which was surprisingly clean, no shit, just goey lotion. After cleansing up, we lied down again, him sucking my dick. Since it had been already more thatn an hour, he decided for us to come out at the same time. We did a 69, I sucked his dick, while he sucked mine. Both of us were moaning, until he came tow hick I followed. I was cautious about swallowing his cum, so I just savored its tase. Sweet and a bit salty, a deadly combination, kinda like kettle corn, hehe.
Going out, I asked him to just drop me off where I could get a taxi to manila. He then asked, "Can you be my lover? will I see you again?" I guess despite the extent of waht we already did, I was still nervous and felt so much guilt that all I could say was "No, we'll see each other whaen we see each other" sounded like some cheap stupid filipino movie line uttered by melanie marquez, but understand me, I was a bit dumb at that time.
I went home... to my girlfriend, who was patiently waiting for me. I fucked her that night, jsut to appease my guilt. I fucked her while my ass was still hurting.
It took 4-5 long days till the pain subsided. I don't know why, probably got some major lacerations, but it was all worth it.
There were times when I felt much regrets for not giving him my number, or even my e-mail. It has been a year and a half already since that event. But still, somehow I long for him. If ever he reads this, my reason for posting wasn't to show off, but perhaps suconsoiusly, wanted still to get a sniff of his abercrombie (yun lang, sniff lang).
hahaha. I'm such a psycho.
To you Aurora Blvd., hope you find your right lover (wag magpapataba). I saw you in Megamall pero didn't have the courage to say hi. You probably wouldn't recognize me.

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