Monday, June 2, 2008

the reason why....

It was 2 days before May 12 our 2nd Anniversary with my boyfriend jc, after office i went to net x para mag net just to get rid of thinking my boyfriend whos giving their fiesta more important that our anniversary, i was really mad, i had chat with bi's and gay of bi-cebu and got this guy on the pic. hes i guess cute and underage hahahaha. sorry if he might read this.
we chat and i gave him my old blog and he read it and see my pictures,hes name is jasper we then exchange numbers and i invited him to go at my apartment in banawa. about 10 pm we meet and i was really surprised hes super cute and nice, but i thought he is macho but hes really very young. there, after 10 minutes we got in my room and we talk and get to know each other, we make love and i was in love with this cute guy instantly. We then meet after few days and after that.... i found out hes having a boyfriend now, My bf also knows about us and we broke-up. i feel sorry but its my fault. well, i erase all there numbers sounds useless because my x texts me whenever he wants to say bad things to me.... now, i learned. bye

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Anonymous said...

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